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Photo by 德綱 曾 on Unsplash

In the culture wars that rage on in our societies, our disagreements are driven not so much because we hate each other. In the course of everyday life, I seldom find groups of people so acrimonious and bitter they make it the point of their everyday existence to make those who disagree with them miserable. Rather, I find that people have things they care about and believe so deeply that they cannot understand how another group could conceive the world differently. They then make conclusions that diverge so significantly from each other that the interface of those conclusions produce deeply…

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

As something we all pursue, love is oddly difficult to understand. On Valentine’s Day, love is almost synonymous with warm, intimate embraces, flowers, and other romantic acts of devotion. But we know other forms of love exist. A parent loves his or her child, even if a warm embrace might be far away or even impossible to share. A friend loves another, through a season’s greeting, gift, or even a casual message. A manager loves his employees by treating them fairly and perhaps giving them a pay raise. But what about death, pain, punishment, a penalty so cruel that virtually…


A born-again disciple saved by grace

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